3 Popular Facebook Advertising Strategies & Tips

Facebook ads never seem to stop evolving. Some people looked at it as the most powerful marketing strategy for their business and some actually think it doesn’t work at all. So you are probably left wondering if Facebook ads can really help your business and if so what kinds of ads and strategies will be the most profitable for you in 2021.

Here in this article, you will find powerful Facebook ad strategies that’ll work for your business along with fresh and easy-to-understand tips guaranteed to lead to your Facebook ad success. Also our $150 AdSpy Coupon Code awaits! Use code MEGADSPY!

Use Dynamic Creatives

Traditionally, no one knows exactly how a Facebook ad will perform until you have tested it and that’s why it’s always been our best practice to create multiple ads in each ad set which includes ad copy and images and you should also test video formats. 

But Facebook has recently made it a lot easier for you by creating dynamic creative ads that allow you to upload multiple versions of images, headlines, and description texts and it allows Facebook to plug all these in and find the most effective combination that they can start putting out above all the others. It saves a lot of time, increases your performance, and maximises your efforts.

Use AdSpy To Spy On Competitors

AdSpy is the ultimate Facebook ad intelligence tool that can show you all the Facebook ads that are currently running. Along with ads, you get every piece of information that could help you get insights on what really works and what does not. Try AdSpy Free tool!

AdSpy offers a variety of search and filtering options with which you can find your desired ads in seconds. It has an awesome easy to use dashboard, which is very beginner-friendly. All you have to do is just type in the keyword in the search field, apply filters, and hit enter. Within seconds, it will list all the relevant ads in its search results.

The interesting thing here is you can see who is running the ad, when was it created, what technology is used in the ad, what network it belongs to, and so on. If you found an ad to be running for a long period, it is a strong indication that it is a successful ad. Also with AdSpy, you will discover the cold traffic offers, retargeting offers, and the best advertising opportunities for you and your business. What are you still waiting for? Redeem our limited time AdSpy Coupon and save upto $75! Apply code AFFSAVE.

Create Interactive Click-To-Messenger Facebook Ads

Click-To-Messenger Facebook ads are going to be your new marketing secret weapon and this is because they get customers to engage with your business. They are one of the most engaging, cost-effective, and powerful Facebook ad formats available right now.

Click-To-Messenger ads can be in the form of videos, still images, or carousel ads. Make sure to include a scripted automated message using a chatbot so the users will receive a greeting immediately after they click on your ad and arrive in that messenger a conversation. These really work because they take people to pre-scripted conversations with your Facebook page. 

It can be about helping your customer find the right service, educating on an aspect, pricing questions, or any FAQ. They are interactive and instead of being taken to a landing page, customers get to interact with you and your business even if it’s a bot to start with. So this strategy is very effective.


Facebook ads continue to be the smartest way any business can spend its limited marketing budget. So, implement the above-mentioned strategies and you can be sure to see more engagement, more visibility, more sales and leads coming into your business. By the way, don’t forget our exclusive AdSpy Working Code! Apply code AFF75 and start saving more!