I’m not a big gamer. In fact, I’m not a gamer at all right now. But for about 8 months I played EVE Online, the decade-plus-old MMORG of internets spaceships, and I got hooked. I mean, Internet Spaceships?! I wandered around on my own for a while, got into a corp that got AWOXed, then found Rixx Javix and Stay Frosty, which became my adopted piratey home. YARR!

Even though I ran out of time and resources to play, I still follow along on Twitter and other social media and forums, especially the goings on in Stay Frosty.

This week is Fanfest, the huge gathering of EVE players and CCP Games, the company that makes EVE, all in Reykjavik, Iceland. Some of my ex-corpmates (including Rixx) are there, so it’s fun to follow along and see what news comes next!

Stay Frosty!!

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